Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz

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Best Results 

2016 & ....


The Snowball: 2e place Authentic Jazz & 1e place Slow Drag with Fredrik Dahlberg

The World Jam, Madrid: 1e place Solo JazzJack & Jill finals

Harlem: Finals J&J with Simon Bressanelli

LSSF: Finals Strictly with Simon Bressanelli & Finals Solo Jazz

RTSF: 2e place Solo Dance, 3e place Lindy Cup with Felipe Braha, 2e place J&J Lindy Cup with Ruben Garred2e place Slow dance with Felipe Braha.


Dragon Swing, Krakow: 1st place solo

ULHC, New Orleans: 1st place solo charleston & 1st place endurance contest Joshua Mc Clean

The Salon Party, New York: 2nd place strickly with Richard Kurtzer

Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles: 2nd place amateur J&J

ILHC, Washington DC: 5th place open strickly with Hugo Marty

HDC Championships, Nortalja: 2nd place solo charleston & 3rd place J&J with Dargoff

Frankie 100 Belgium, Antwerpen: 1st place J&J

Gentse Hoppers Exchange, Ghent: 1st place J&J with Peter Kepo

LSSF, Ljubljana: 1st place J&J with Matteo

Express your swing, Montpellier: 1st place swing Out contest with Tony Jackson

2013 & earlier

Crazy swing Camp 2013, Brussel: 1st place J&J

ESDC 2013, London: 3rd place solo bleus

Harlem 2013, Vilnius: 1st place solo Jazz

Gentse Hoppers Exchange 2010, Ghent: 1st place J&J